Sunday, December 4, 2011

An interesting adventure

My flight arrived at the main Costa Rican airport at about 3pm. I had previously learned that you can get a short-term SIM card for your cellphone at the airport, I did so and also set it up for data. Carlos, a teacher at the school, picked me up and brought me to the campus nearby.

A rural setting, no tourists, the other side of the world from tourist CR.

The school is a large walled collection of jungle-y gardens with buildings scattered about. My dorm is interesting. Carlos showed me about, very confusing, and then we walked to his aunt's house where she cooked a great vegetarian meal.

It got dark, she walked me back to make sure I knew the way, and said good night at the locked gate. I went into the school grounds, few lights, no people, got thoroughly lost trying to find my building. Lost in the jungle, story of my life.

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